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 function call in c


pls explain these in relation to the way C call a function/procedure.
as i undertand C push parameters in reverse order, so if i have a
function sum(int a, int b), so when sum() is called the parameters will
be pushed onto stack like this:
   push a
   push b

right? i got that far...

ok if i have a structure like this:
  struct {
     int a;
     int b;
  } astruct;

and a function afunc(astruct x), so if a call is made to afunc(), how
are the parameters pushed?

and also if i have another function anofunc(astruct* x), and a call is
made, how are the param/params pushed?

how many bytes do these take up when pushed onto stack:

> int*
> char*
> astruct*
> astruct
> fptr    ( where fptr is void(*fptr)() )
> sometype  ( where sometype is enum sometype {one, two, three}

thank you...

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