FPU source / definition required 
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 FPU source / definition required

O.K - I got hold of some source code that deals in FPU instruction set
(little 4K demo's and such) - And on The ART OF Assembler I found a list of
some  possile FPU assembler commands (No examples given - sulk )

Now the question is how do I begin converting my fixed point routines( 3D
Stuff)  to FPU assembler - I just need to know how the FPU gets data / how
does the registers work (I saw a lot of st(0) and st(3) and stuff in some
source) / and how does my Integer Processor get the data from the FPU.

Help or direction would be much appreciated. The main aim is to create a
fast - simple 3D engine. Everybody is telling me FPU(486 and Pentium range)
is now faster than fixed point, but not many people seem to know how to code
for FPU.

Thanks alot - email me or post here - can't wait for your reaction !

Sun, 13 Jan 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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