Square Root in ASM (I'd also like a print literal Macro) 
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 Square Root in ASM (I'd also like a print literal Macro)

Hey I'd love to see a sqrt (no-coprocessor) function :)

Also if anyone has a print literal macro can I see it
something like:
print_this "I am a string...you better print me now"

I have a print_now
and it takes a segment name,name to define, string


print_now data,string2,"This is a string$"
and it creates a defined byte with the name string2 and valuse "This is a string$"
but for some bizare reason it crashes if I give it a segment never used
before, how many segments can I use??? I can post my macro if someone
is interested in seeing it or helping me.

Tue, 06 May 1997 13:43:06 GMT  
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