PCI Video Cards and ISA Video Cards 
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 PCI Video Cards and ISA Video Cards

We have an old DOS app that run a graphical screen with text on it.
When we run it on an old ISA VGA card the text (labels on the axis
etc) works fine.  When we us a new PCI Video card the text looks
like garbage.  Going through the code I found a section that calls
INT10h  AH=11h and AL=30 (Character Generator) so the code
is getting the pointer to the CG properly (returned in ES:BP).    

Can anyone suggest what the differences might be between the new
cards and the old cards and why the bios call would not properly work
for one but does work for the other?

Can anyone suggest some books or web sites that would talk about how
to put text on a graphics screen (this is dos).

Thanks for any help.

Steve Drake

Mon, 01 Mar 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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