Flash BIOS rewriting and low-level hardware access 
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 Flash BIOS rewriting and low-level hardware access


>I am interested in experimenting with low-level hardware and BIOS routines
>for the x86 architecture.  I would like to really start from scratch and
>write my own small BIOS and bootstrap code.  I specifically want to know how
>to actually write to the flash BIOS.  What ports or interupts or registers
>are involved? What's the procedure?  How do the BIOS flashing utilities
>actually do their job? Can you access and control the hardware without going
>through the BIOS?  Any help, pointers, URL's, book titles, or any other
>information sources would be greatly appreciated.

Unfortunately, the write algorithms for flash parts are different
(albeit somewhat similar)  from one device to another. The most commonly
used flash parts IMHO are these from Intel and AMD so you probably want
to pull some datasheets from their Websites.


Michael Tippach

Sun, 29 Jul 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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