Fast memory moves on PCs 
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 Fast memory moves on PCs

> The electronic magazine issue which was posted to this group earlier
> had an interesting article in it.  It claimed to detail how to program
> the DMA controller in the PC to perform memory moves extremely fast.
> The article was pretty sketchy, as was the example source code; I was
> wondering if anyone had gotten it to work.

    I put the magazine on the net.  Unfortunately I've tried the DMA
  stuff out too (the most interesting thing in the mag) and though I
  didn't put more than a couple hours into it, I didn't get it to work
    Does anyone out there have some good DMA code for the PC ....

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Mon, 04 Oct 1993 08:00:55 GMT  
 Fast memory moves on PCs
I did some code a while back which does (non-DMA) memory moves on PC's
in arbitrary quantities (not limited to just under 64K like the libraries
of a certain compiler I use).  I never needed it in the end, but if
anyone's interested I could post it handles moves of >1 segment
and move backwards or forwards to correct problems with overlapping
memory blocks (and on the negative side its probably somewhat buggy


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Fri, 08 Oct 1993 19:05:10 GMT  
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