**To imply that Kiri Te Kanawa sings better is a personal judgment** 
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 **To imply that Kiri Te Kanawa sings better is a personal judgment**

Subject: **To imply that Kiri Te Kanawa sings better is a personal judgment**


Subject: Re: Dance and Sing - get up and do your thing
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Newsgroups: alt.fan.madonna
Date: 2002-07-01 14:18:13 PST

Madonna sings Madonna songs better than anyone else. I've heard the horror
of other singers approaching the material and it ain't pretty. To imply that
"Kiri Te Kanawa, Sarah Brightman and Hayley Mills" sing better is a personal
judgment. After all, it's not like sticking a computer in a room and
measuring how accurate their rendition of each note is works to determine
who's better. Kiri Te Kanawa couldn't work a Tina Turner song. Sarah
Brightman couldn't do Sinead O'Connor. Hayley Mills couldn't do Kate Bush.
None of them could match the power of a Bulgarian Choir.

Does that make any of them superior? Not really. It makes them all good at
what they do. Madonna, Sarah Brightman, and Bulgarian Choirs all sing. They
are all doing something right. Madonna is more successful than any of them
of course, but even that doesn't make her automatically "better". I'd rather
hear Madonna sing than anyone else, and that's what makes her better for me.

Madonna, of course, sold out her performances of "Up for Grabs", which
Hayley Mills didn't manage for "Noel Coward's Suite in Two Keys". The
opening reviews weren't as good as expected for Hayley, so the show was
cancelled. Who does that make the better actress? Neither. It depends who
sees it. Some loved Madonna's performance. Some loved Hayley's performance.
It's all relative. I would rather see Madonna on stage again than any other
actress. That makes her better for me.

It's your choice who you like. It's my choice who I like. As the lady
herself sang, "Dance and sing, get up and do your thing..."


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