32 bit segments; multitasking 
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 32 bit segments; multitasking

    1: Can anyone point me to a place which explains the 32bit seg:offset
system, as whilst using w32dasm et al, I have become v. confused by them.
(The 16 bit thing is well covered.)

    2: My current understanding of multitasking is that it is the OS which
enables multitasking, by loading each program into its memory and sending
the instructions of each one to the processor, alternately. Is this correct,
and if so, does it therefore intercept certain codes and act on them itself,
rather than allowing the processor to?, for example if a program sets the
Trap flag allowing single step processing, does the OS act on this and not
send it to the processor, or perhaps it keeps setting and unsetting it,
whenever an instruction of that module is sent?

Mon, 24 Dec 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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