MSBIN float format <-> IEEE float format 
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 MSBIN float format <-> IEEE float format

I only received one response to this query so I'm going to
post it again in the hopes that it'll reach more folks.
Btw, whoever recommended the book "Numerical Recipes",
thanks but it didn't have the info I was after. (it
IS, btw, a VERY good book though...)

I need to convert between Microsoft Binary floating
point format and IEEE floating point format. And,
I need it to be as fast as physically possible so
it needs to be in assembly language (8088 would
be most ideal).  Even some pseudo-code would be
helpful at this point.

Replies here or via email would be most
appreciated. Thx. very much.



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Sat, 25 Mar 1995 03:03:30 GMT  
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