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 Page Fault in Task Switch

I have been playing around with some protected mode code, and have come up
against a problem. I am trying to switch from ring 0 to ring 3, and every
time I do so my program reports a page fault(Int 0xE occurs) and so the
program crashes. The docs that I have(386intel.txt, the Intel 80386
Programmers reference manual 1986) says that a page fault can only occur if
you have paging enable, which I don't. The code that causes the problem is
taken from the system.h file from Linux 0.0.1, and is used in at least one
demonstration file and so should work. It goes as follows:

        mov eax,esp
        push dword DATA32_SEG
        push eax
        push dword CODEUS_SEG
        lea eax,[ring3]
        push eax

where ring3 is the ring3 code, DATA32_SEG is the selector for my ring 0
data segment and CODEUS_SEG is the selector for my ring 3 code segment. The
code immediatly after the ring3 label is simply jmp $, which should freeze
the program. What happens is an int 0xE occurs, which shouldn't. Any ideas?

Graham Cox

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