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There was originally some confusion over what the ml newsgroup was
actually about.  Thus, to make things easier, we have dedicated to the discussion of ML and SML.  The new charter reads: shall be a newsgroup for the discussion of ML and SML.

So, have it!

Discussion on assembly language has been moved to the brand new group,
alt.lang.asm.  This is where you should post all those cool assembly
languages kludges and fixes.  This is where the followup to Case
Larsen's question on Apollo assembly language should go.  The charter
of alt.lang.asm reads the same as the old group.  More

alt.lang.asm will address the problems of machine language programmers out
there in InterNet land.  It will be a forum for discussion of coding
techniques and efficiency problems related to machine language.  The scope
will be broad.  We will not discriminate by machine architecture, race or sex.

Hope to hear from lots of you over in the asm newsgroup, and hope the ml
group ends up being useful for ML and SML languages

Tue, 21 Sep 1993 11:02:48 GMT>alt.lang.asm

        Lets start by asking if anyone has any good floating point
divide routines for the TI TMS320C30.


Wed, 22 Sep 1993 04:13:53 GMT  
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