Monte Pittman Interview [laura fairhead owes Kyle an apology] 
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 Monte Pittman Interview [laura fairhead owes Kyle an apology]

>Subject: Re: Monte Pittman Interview [laura fairhead owes Kyle an apology]

> Monte Pittman Interview

>[ Monte Pittman was Madonna's lead guitarist during the Drowned World
>  Tour ]

Danny, you fool...that is Kyle's work...and as I see it, he did not give you
the permission to use it. Looks like you done went and made another mistake.

When people make mistakes, it's good taste and normal practise to say "oh well,
I got that wrong", but something tells me you'll twist your version of reality
to avoid this.



As to cleaning up this group believe me I have been working on that...I have
the perfect solution but it will take a little time to get sorted out but I
will e-mail people on my list here as things progress, :-)

~Laura Fairhead [12-18-02]

Thu, 21 Jul 2005 07:29:49 GMT  
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