problem with MMX instructoin movq 
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 problem with MMX instructoin movq

I'm using the Visual C++ inline assembler as follows to change video memory
as follows:

BYTE *pVid = (BYTE*)ddsd.lpSurface // a pointer to video memory
int cnt = 40000;    // just testing for now

      movq     MM0, [pVid] ;
      movq     MM7, [pVid] ;
      paddb   MM0, MM7 ;

      movq     [pVid], MM0 ;        // this is the problem!

      add        [pVid], 8 ;
      sub         [cnt], 1 ;
      jnz          loop1  ;

      EMMS    ;


What this does is take the first 10000 pixels and double the color value at
each pixel.
at the movq [pVid], MM0 line, the pVid goes wild and any attempt the read it
results in a memory exception.

Any comments welcome!

Mon, 17 Dec 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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