100% Assembler Network OS. 
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 100% Assembler Network OS.

          _Download NetSoft LAN 1.40a for FREE now_

If you're thinking about networking your home or office PC's then
this is the software for you, and best of all it's Shareware!

NetSoft LAN(R) is a true peer-to-peer network for DOS and Windows
PC's and laptops.

This is not a beta version, its fully developed and very easy to
install, it's small, fast and 100% reliable. Below are just some
if it's features.

                   _Basic Features_

_Client and Server_        Complete PC-LAN LAN and MS-NET
                           compatible client and server

                           Share any hard, cdrom, zip or
                           ram disks with other users

_Comms Redirector_         Allows use of remote serial ports

_Extended Filing System_   Extends DOS open file limit to 10,000

_Printer Spooler_          Share upto 4 parallel and 4 serial
                           printers per machine.

_Client Printer Software_  Views server's print queues etc

_Pop-Up Station Manager_   Allows connection to drives, printers
                           on the fly from within your own

Serial / Parallel Ports    You can now connect your laptops to
                           your Ethernet/Arcnet based network
                           without the need for a pocket Ethernet
                           or Arcnet adapter (using a simple cable)

_Network Cards Supported_  Ethernet, Arcnet, ODI, NDIS, FTP Drivers
                           Different nodes may use different protocols
                           Multiple protocols and cards are supported
                           Drivers typically require only 2k memory

_Memory Required_          Minimum client configuration requires
                           only 13k of memory. Server 18K

_Remote_Control_           Any node may be remotely controlled. No
                           additional software required.

_Multi-User_               Runs all single and multi-user DOS and
                           Windows applications, Full file and
                           record locking support using the
                           DOS SHARE command.

_255 Users_                Connects up to 255 machines on a single
                           network. Mixes Ethernet cards and Arcnet
                           cards on the same network (completely
                           transparently) all can full peer-to-peer

_Windows_                  Windows 3.0, Windows 3.1, WFW 3.x and DOS
                           machines have full peer-to-peer access
                           (includes Windows Enhanced mode drivers).

                           (Win95, NT and OS/2 available soon)

_DOS_                      Mix old and new DOS versions on the network

_Runs on Anything_         Runs on any compatible PC

_Simple to Install_        Menu driven installation and config program
                           with NO command line parameters and no
                           editing of your system files (config.sys)

_It's Tiny - 292k_         You can download it in just 2 minutes
                           from our web site http://www.*-*-*.com/
                           or get it from an FTP server in your
                           country via http://www.*-*-*.com/
                           (search for nslan140.zip)

_Bridge the GAP_           NetSoft LAN is ideal for Bridging the
                           gap between your DOS and Windows PC's

_MS & PC NET compatible_   Include the NET command that has
                           more than 50 sub-commands, such as
                           NET SHARE,  NET USE etc.

_Very Fast_                NetSoft LAN was written in 100%
                           assembly language which makes it
                           extremely fast and very small

_Not a Beta_               NetSoft LAN's 8th birthday is this year!

For complete details visit NetSoft LAN's Home Page at


Happy networking.


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