Can anyone help me with port I/O 
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 Can anyone help me with port I/O


I am new to assembler programming and would apreciate any help. I need
to write
to a port on my video card, but as far as I understand the process of
writing to a
port is to write a value to a specific address, the specification talks
about indexes
and other stuff, could anyone explain it to me?

              Register Type: Read/Write
              Read/Write Port: 3D5, Index E0h, Index 00h
                                        3D5, Index E1h
              Default: 00h

              D[7:5] FSEL, TV antiflicker mode selection
                          000: No filtering
                          001: Light filtering
                          010: Median filtering
                          011: Strong filtering
                          1xx: Adaptive filtering
              D4 COMPN, Composite signal out
                          0: Enable Composite TV siganl out
                          1: Disable Composite TV signal out
 I would like to enable/disable the TV signal out.


Mon, 05 Aug 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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