INFO-ADA Digest V88 - Nyberg's and Goodenough's notes 
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 INFO-ADA Digest V88 - Nyberg's and Goodenough's notes

OK! Now we're getting somewhere! (Karl - I don't know who MANFACE was
supposed to be, but indeed you're getting a posting from Mike Feldman
here :-))

I am very glad to see that _some_ run-time systems are supporting both
priorities and pre-emption (Dec and Verdix). Makes me feel better to
know, at least, that the ACVC was just missing a couple of tests.
(Naturally the ACVC was not born fully-formed and flawless; it evolves).

Nobody expects things to be perfect the first time; it's good to know
that these issues are now getting some attention. John Goodenough: do
you envision these kinds of tests going into the ACVC soon? Will we
see them in 1.10?

Mon, 20 Jul 1992 03:49:00 GMT  
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