Looking for other customizers of Rational Compilation Integrator 
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 Looking for other customizers of Rational Compilation Integrator

I'm interested in corresponding with people who are customizing the Rational
Compilation Integrator, to mate Rational Apex with compilers provided for other
hosts and target machines.  I'm particularly interested in integration of
Ada compilers which run on VAX/VMS.

Here at Rockwell CCA, we have several cross-compilers which are hosted on
VAX/VMS, which we are starting to integrate with Apex.  Rational is advising us
as well, but I also would like to cultivate some direct contacts with other


Tom Johnson                        Rockwell
Voice: (319) 395-8714              Collins Commercial Avionics
Fax:   (319) 395-4068              M/S 124-323, 400 Collins Road NE

Mon, 16 Dec 1996 22:46:18 GMT  
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