Implementing packages for Ada compiler 
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 Implementing packages for Ada compiler

        Has anyone out there implemented packages for an Ada compiler?  I  
am facing the task at the moment and would like to hear any warnings,  
horror stories, and bits of advice that folks might offer.  I prefer that
you reply via email.
[Please send responses to compilers as well if of general interest. -John]

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Fri, 23 Sep 1994 21:55:24 GMT  
 Implementing packages for Ada compiler
I suggest you take a look in either of the following books

1) Methods and Tools for Compiler Construction, Edited by B. Lorho,
   Cambridge University press, 1984.
   This has a chapter by Jean Claude Heliard of Alsys on how their
   separate compilation works.

2) The Rationale for the Design of Ada by Ichbiah & co. (published
   recently in the Ada Companion Series.)  This is more general, but
   does mention some of the work needed in a compiler to support
   separate compilation of packages and so on.

Hope these help,
  Rod Chapman,
  Department of Computer Science,
  University of York,
  York YO1 5DD, England.


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Sun, 25 Sep 1994 17:55:49 GMT  
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