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Any experience in the use of the Telesoft TeleUSE/Ada product ?
This currently is only available on SunSPARC platforms.  It consists of the
TeleUSE/C prototype tool, Telesoft Ada development environment, Ada bindings to
the TeleUSE run-time routines, and Ada bindings to Xlib, Xt, and Motif.
Any information would be appreciated.

In particular I am interested in portability of the code and suggestions to
improve the portability of code across different compilers, machines, and
operating systems.  I am also interested in problems and solutions to Ada
multitasking, support for multiple physical screens, and effort involved to
write widgets to add to TeleUSE.

We wish to use a prototyping/development tool to develop and test a
user-interface for an OTH radar system.  Ada has been specified as the language
that must be used, and X-windows/Motif has been chosen for the presentation
component.  The interface has a large component which will have to be written
directly using Xlib.  Portability of the interface is important because we will
not choose the target hardware for another 2 years.  Speed of the final
interface is also an issue.  So far we have looked at a number of tools of
which TeleUSE, TAE+, Screen Machine which appear to be best suited to our
application.  Any other good development/prototyping tools ???

Tue, 27 Sep 1994 12:02:47 GMT  
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