CMM and Process Improvement Workshops - interactive and fun! 
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 CMM and Process Improvement Workshops - interactive and fun!

You are invited to attend two outstanding workshops:



                by Judy Bamberger, Sequent Computer Systems Inc

  Friday, 30 September 1994:  CMM 9:30-12:30; Process Improvement 14:30-17:30

These workshops will be held in conjunction with the major European Software
Engineering Conferences "Ada in Aerospace" and "Ada-Europe" that have merged
into a single event of global significance:

                           ADA IN EUROPE
                       26 - 30 SEPTEMBER 1994

                        SAS SANDINAVIA HOTEL
                         Amager Boulevard 70
                           2300 Copenhagen



This hands-on, interactive workshop introduces the process maangement concepts
on which the CMM is based, discusses the benefits of process management, and
presents the five-level maturity model.  The concepts behind key portions of
the Repeatable and Defined Levels are used in the several exercises throughout
this workshop.


At the end of this workshop, attendees will be able to discuss and demonstrate
basic process management concepts, describe the five levels of process
maturity, describe the characteristics of a Repeatable Level organization, and
compare their own project/organization to Repeatable Level characteristics.


Software engineering practitioners, managers, educators; government and
industry.  Geared to those who want to learn one (of many) ways to view
software engineering process and quality issues and some strategies for
implementing process and quality programs in their current position.  This work
is based on the real-world application of tools created by the Software
Engineering Institute in government and commercial software development



Process improvement is messy; it takes time; it takes patience; it takes
creativity and perseverance.  And guess what - there is no one right way!  This
workshop introduces several skills and concepts that have proven effective, and
provides time for individuals and teams to discuss and practice them.  A case
study is woven through the workshop, so the attendees can practice as they

This workshop provides an introduction or a refresher to leadership and team
skills, as well as sponsorship building and managing technological change.
These skills, strategies, techniques, and tools are applicable to software
process improvement efforts modeled after the Capability Maturity Model or
ISO 90000, or any other focus or framework.  In other words, this workshop is
*not* focused on "here is how you get to Maturity Level X" - we have found that
such cookbook formulae invariably fail.  Instead, this workshop focuses on
basic skills that can be adapted and tailored to each organization, group,
team, and applied across the board.


At the end of this workshop, attendees will have been exposed to several models
and tools that are key to effective process improvement, and have had an
opportunity to practice many of them.  Attendees will be able to recognize
the strengths they bring in to a process improvement team, and have learned
to recognize the strengths of others to build effective teams.


Software engineering practitioners, managers, educators; government and
industry.  Geared to those who are (or will be) involved in process improvement
activities.  This work is based on an extended bibliography of tried-and-true
techniques and models across industry in general.



Please register by sending this filling and returning this form (fax, post or
Email) before August 15 to

Judy Bamberger
12440 NW Haskell Court
Portland OR  97229

tel: +1-503-578-3028
fax: +1-503-578-7562

Name         ____________________________________________

Organization ____________________________________________

Address      ____________________________________________


Phone Number ____________________________________________

Fax Number   ____________________________________________

Email        ____________________________________________

Payment (750 french francs) is to be made by cash at the start of the workshop.

For further information regarding the Ada in Europe symposium, accomodation
in Copenhagen, ..., please contact:

Ms Rosy Plet, Public relations
16 bis, Av Bosquet
75007 Paris, FRANCE
Tel +33-1-45-55-83-53
Fax +33-1-45-51-99-23

See you in Copenhagen!

Judy Bamberger

Judy Bamberger                  Sequent Computer Systems

                                Beaverton OR  97006-6063  USA
                                tel: +1-503-578-3028
                                fax: +1-503-578-7562

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