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 Need urgent help


Not having enough experiments with the Ada tasks, I ask you to help me
for the two following problems.

(1) The first program asks the user to enter a value (using GET). If at
the end of 5 seconds, the user did not give a value, the program
displays the message "Please give a value". And, 5 seconds after this
display, if the user did not always give a value, the program stops the
input procedure.

(2) For the second program, a procedure should be carried out (called),
in parallel with the execution in progress, when a specific variable
changes value.  In the other word, the procedure is associated with a
triggering variable.

Can somebody help me for these two programs?  Or are there documents on
the web which could help me?

Please send a copy of your answer directly to my e-mail address.

Thanks very much.


Sun, 02 Jan 2005 00:16:44 GMT  
 Need urgent help

hmm...  University return address and fundemental homework like questions.
Expect no help from CLA.  If this isn't homework, you should have asked
specific questions.

Sun, 02 Jan 2005 06:42:43 GMT  
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