ANNOUNCEMENT: Ada95 Language Templates for Emacs users 
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 ANNOUNCEMENT: Ada95 Language Templates for Emacs users


I have produced a set of Ada95 language templates for the Emacs Language
Sensitive Editor minor mode (ELSE). They are available (with the Emacs minor
mode, else-mode.el) from the following web site:


The template file is not perfect but is the result of use in generating new
code for an Ada95 application over the course of about 4 months. I decided
to release the templates now because they will get no more usage, I have
changed jobs and will not get a chance to use Ada anytime in the forseeable
future :-(. The file was generated from the Ada95 EBNF, so there is a
complete set of templates, but there are definitely some sections of the
syntax that I didn't use and therefore haven't been hand manipulated to be
"useful" to a programmer. Any feedback in the way of changes to the
templates are welcome and I will post them on my web site.

To use the templates, you must rename them from Ada95.lse to Ada.lse (there
are a set of Ada83 templates available as well and ELSE uses the major mode
name of Emacs to determine the template file name). A set of template
definitions that illustrate "customisation" is available in a file called
Ada95-cust.lse - this file shows examples of setting up standard file and
subprogram headers as per project coding standards.

ELSE comes with a 40+ page users manual, this is available from the web site
in either .texi, .info or .pdf format - each to their own taste :-)

Anybody who wants help in getting started with ELSE or using the templates
are more than welcome to email me, I usually respond within 24 hours
(allowing for time differences between Sydney and the rest of the world :-))
or unless you get me on a weekend.


BTW, for those who already use ELSE, there is a new version of it on the web
site. On the todo list for ELSE is the addition of a facility to easily
change and customise the tab settings (templates come with a indentation of
2 spaces, but is easily changed using a regexp search and replace to
whatever spacing your project standard demands).

Sat, 16 Nov 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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