Universal File Names Available 
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 Universal File Names Available

   Several weeks ago I posted a summary of an article by Y.E. Gail Wang
   entitled "UNIVERSAL_FILE_NAMES For Ada", which appeared in ACM SIGADA
   Ada Letters, Jan/Feb 1990, Vol. X, No. 1, pages 111-117.  Briefly, UFN
   is a set of Ada components designed to provide filename portability
   between the MS-DOS, Unix, and VMS operating systems such that it is
   unnecessary to change filenames or filename paths when porting among
   these operating systems.  UFN is itself immediately portable as well,
   and is structured so as to allow further enhancement such that other
   operating systems are also included.

   Along with many other STARS products, UFN 2.2 can be obtained directly
   from the STARS Foundations Repository.  To access this Repository, call
   Ms. Lavonia Maddox at (202) 404-7335.  

   I also have a copy of UFN 2.2 which Dr. Wang was kind enough to send to
   me personally.  If anyone is specifically interested in obtaining UFN 2.2
   and not in considering also the other valuable products to be found in the
   STARS Foundations Repository, I am willing to e-mail a copy of UFN 2.2 to
   anyone who sends me an e-mailed request for it.  

   I consider UNIVERSAL_FILE_NAMES to be an important advance toward the
   Ada goal of achieving the maximum possible portability.  I hope that
   UFN will be widely used, and that it will soon be extended to cover
   many other operating system platforms.

Fri, 28 Aug 1992 09:59:22 GMT  
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