Gnat301a "Out of Space" msg 
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 Gnat301a "Out of Space" msg

I have installed gnat301a under Win95 on my PCs at home and
at the office. Both PCs are 486-es with 16meg of ram. The office
PC uses GNAT's generic win32 libs while I am using Visual C++
on the PC at home.

My problem is that, at work, my makes will fail with an "out of
space" error if I use gnatmake in my makefiles. I have to use
gnatbind and gnatbl instead. At home, no matter what I do, I
get "out of space" errors.

This error appears to be related to the amount of memory I
have available (even gnatbl fails on my Office PC unless I
close any other apps first). Is it possible that gnat301a
needs more than 16 meg of ram?

Ray Wood,

Fri, 26 Jun 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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