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 ObjectAda problem

Our research group uses the ObjectAda 7.1.1. compiler to compile our
programs on Solaris machine. Compilation was made successfully.

But we had problems during the execution. The Ada process is killed
immediately. It was said to us that this problem was related to the
presence of the release 13 of the patch 105568 in our system. By using
an older release (11) we solved the problem.
But now, we encounter the same problem on a machine which does not use
patch 105568.
We don't know what to do. We asked Aonix support client but they don't
give us solutions yet.

Thus, we want to know if somebody here had the same experience. Your
help will be very useful for us.

Thanks in advance.
Honitriniela Randriamparany     Tel.: (022) 705 76 29
CUI, University of Geneva       Fax : (022) 705 77 80

Tue, 09 Jul 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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