Poor marketing or acceptance of Ada 
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 Poor marketing or acceptance of Ada

    For all that is said about Ada, it still can't leap to the mainstream.
When it comes to making a free choice about selecting a programming language
in a free market, the preference still seems to be languages other than Ada.
    For example, there will be a OBJECT EXPO National Conference and
Exposition in New York from June 1 to 5, 1992. (call 212-274-9135) for more
information.  What follows is a list of tutorials and talks that are language

        An introduction to C++
        Software development using Smalltalk
        Design of a C++ system using multiple inheritance
        Moving from C to C++
        Becoming fluent in an OOPL - C++ and Smalltalk
        C++ performance characteristics for real-world applications
        Choosing an OO language - C++, Eiffel, Objective-C, Smalltalk, CLOS
        Managing the corporate transition from XBASE to C++
        Thinking effectively in Smalltalk
        Building and managing the architecture of C++ libraries
        Terra Project:  Experiences in using Eiffel
        Object oriented design - Smalltalk, Object Pascal, C++, CLOS, Ada
        Advanced C++

    This agenda distribution is typically of many seminars and conferences
being held each year.  This is not a rinky-dink conference, lasting one week
with few of the indirect defense subsidies supporting Ada conferences.

    Object oriented programming, workstations, advanced databases, parallel
processing, software components industry, artificial intelligence, personal
computers, networking, all of the technologies of the present and future,
and Ada has yet to become a significant factor in any of these areas.

    There is a good chance that there are economic factors that the Mosemann
study teams and others have overlooked that tip the balance of productivity and
cost effectiveness towards C++ and away from Ada.  If so, then policies being
made and supported by those studies could end up driving up defense software
development costs.

    Until a good explanation between the 'betterness' of Ada, and its rejection
in the free markets, is put forth, relying solely on Ada is risky.  Why does
no one care, for example, that no companies can be commercially viable selling
reusable Ada components?  The Ada components business has been stillborn from
day one of Ada compilers, and no one cares.

Greg Aharonian
Source Translation & Optimization

Wed, 14 Sep 1994 09:56:36 GMT  
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