Function call or variable? 
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 Function call or variable?

:   > Not necessarily.  You could use #define to ensure that the program is
:   > changed in only one place.  I don't believe I've ever seen any C code
:   > that's designed like this, though.
:   No, no, no.  I have seen C code like this, and I have seen people
: use #defines to change things.  And I have seen the code compile
: cleanly and work in simple cases but break horribly later.

These days any sensible C programmer uses "const", not "#define".
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Sun, 10 Sep 1995 00:02:13 GMT  
 Function call or variable?

   John English by the way he quoted me seems to imply that I was
endorsing #define, when actually we are in {*filter*} argeement.  I also
agree that there exist sensible C programmers--not that there are many
of them. :-)

   However, const does come with a different set of potential
problems, it is just a much smaller set.  (The watch it! involves
consts included in different modules, whose values depend on
globals...  There is no guarentee that the const will evaluate the
same in every unit.  Another one of those C "features" where good
library management discipline is essential.)


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