PAL Activity During November 1994 
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 PAL Activity During November 1994

Public Ada Library Activity during November 1994
Richard Conn, Manager, Public Ada Library (PAL)

During November 1994, a total of 5,724 files were extracted by users in
460 organizations in 38 countries.  Of these 460 organizations, 271 were
in the United States (extracting 2,682 files). Approximately 630 files
were added or updated in the PAL during this period.  See the directory
userdocs/activity in the PAL if you are interested in the details. These
counts do NOT include those files transferred from the main PAL site at
WUArchive by the PAL mirror sites.  These counts are also incomplete;
the information from CDROM covers only a few days of activity.

MSDOS-specific assets in the PAL are now available through the SimTel
Software Repository.  Over 3,900 electronic bulletin board systems
distribute the MSDOS software from SimTel and other sources through most
cities in the United States.  See the directory userdocs/alt_srcs and
the file for information on the locations and phone numbers
of these systems.  Additionally, over a dozen CDROM manufacturers sell
over 10,000 MSDOS CDROMs monthly, further distributing this part of the
PAL on the same playing field as other languages, such as C, C++, and
Visual Basic, available to the MSDOS users.

Opinions expressed herein are my own and not necessarily those of anyone else.

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