Finally, an Ada Compiler for the Amiga 
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 Finally, an Ada Compiler for the Amiga


Given the release of Ada/Ed to the public, WPL Laboratories, Inc.
as a public service has ported Ada/Ed to the Amiga.  The current Amiga
version is very untested.  Bug reports are welcomed.  DICE version V2.06
was used for the port, which was done on a 2500/20 with 9 Megs of RAM.

Ada/Ed is an Ada Compiler/Interpreter that can be used to learn about the
Ada language, but not for large programming.  Unfortunately, there is no
commercial Ada compiler for the Amiga.

Ada/Ed has passed all of ACVC 1.07 and passes most of ACVC 1.11.

For a copy of the Amiga sources and executables, which are covered by the
GNU General Public License, send a $US25.00 check (no disks) to:

WPL Laboratories, Inc.
PO Box 111
Penn Valley, PA 19072
Attn: AmigaAda

Fri, 12 Aug 1994 10:32:20 GMT  
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