QW2000 -- 13th Annual International Software/Internet Quality Week Conference 
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 QW2000 -- 13th Annual International Software/Internet Quality Week Conference

       13th Annual International Software & Internet Quality Week 2000
                    < http://www.*-*-*.com/ ;

                             30 May - 2 June 2000
                          San Francisco, California

                CONFERENCE THEME: New Century, New Beginnings

QW2000 is the 13th in the continuing series of International Conferences that
focus on advances in software test technology, quality control, risk
management, software safety, and test automation.

This year marks the introduction of QW2000 as a Double Conference.  Parallel
to Software Quality Week 2000, Internet Quality Week 2000 will draw specific
attention to Quality Issues of the Internet, such as e-commerce, web site
testing and web site quality.

PRE-CONFERENCE-TUTORIALS (Tuesday, 30 May 2000):

  > Rob Baarda (IQUIP Informatica BV) "Stepwise Improvement of the Testing
    Process using TPI(tm)"
  > G. Bazzana & E. Fagnoni (ONION s.r.l.) "Testing Web-based Applications:
    Techniques for Conformance Testing"
  > Ross Collard (Collard & Company) "Test Planning Workshop"
  > Adrian Cowderoy (MMHQ) "Cool Q - Quality Improvement for Multi-
    disciplinary Tasks in Website Development"
  > Michael Deck (Cleanroom Software Engineering, Inc.) "Requirements Analysis
    Using Formal Methods"
  > Bill Deibler (SSQC) "Making the CMM Work: Streamlining the CMM for Small
    Projects and Organizations"
  > Tom Gilb (Result Planning Limited ) "Requirements Engineering for Software
    Developers and Testers"
  > John Musa (Consultant) "Developing More Reliable Software Faster and
  > Johanna Rothman (Rothman Consulting Group) "Life as a New Test Manager"
  > Robert Sabourin (Purkinje Inc.) "The Effective SQA Manager - Getting
    Things Done"
  > Norman Schneidewind (Naval Postgraduate School) "A Roadmap to Distributed
    Client-Server Software Reliability Engineering"

KEYNOTE TALKS from industry experts include presentations by:

  > Stu Feldman (IBM) "(Internet and E-Commerce: Issues and Answers"
  > Leon Osterweil (University of Massachusetts) "Determining the Quality of
    Electronic Commerce Processes"
  > Rainer Pirker (IBM/Austria) "The Need for Quality -- E-Business
    Performance Testing"

SIX PARALLEL TRACKS with over 60 presentations:

  > Technology: New software quality technology offerings, with emphasis on
    Java and WebSite issues.
  > Applications: How-to presentations that help attendees learn useful take-
    home skills.
  > Internet: Special focus on the critical quality and performance issues
    that are beginning to dominate the software quality field.
  > Management: Software process and management issues, with special emphasis
    on WebSite production, performance, and quality.
  > QuickStart: Special get-started seminars, taught by world experts, to help
    you get the most out of QW2000.
  > Vendor Technical: Selected technical presentations from leading vendors.


  > Nick Borelli (Microsoft) "Ask The Experts" (Panel Session), a session
    supported by an interactive website to collect the most-asked questions
    about software quality.
  > Doug Whitney and Pete Nordquist (Intel Corporation) "Protecting
    Intellectual Property in an Open Source World (Panel)"
  > Special panel on Open Source Software Development headed by Doug Whitney
    and PeteNordquist.
  > Special reserved section for QW2000 attendees to see the SF Giants vs. the
    Philadelphia Phillies on Wednesday evening, 31 May 2000 in San Francisco's
    brand new downtown Pac Bell Park.
  > Birds-Of-A-Feather Sessions (BOFS) [organized for QW2000 by Advisory Board


  > Brian Lawrence (Coyote Valley Software) "How Can I Tell When My Project's
    In Trouble?"
  > Douglas Hoffmann (Software Quality Methods) "Oracle Strategies for
    Automated Testing"
  > Cem Kaner (Attorney at Law) "Bug Advocacy"
  > Edward Miller (Software Research, Inc.) "WebSite Quality Workshop"
  > Ed Kit (Software Development Technologies) "Software Testing in the Real

                    < http://www.*-*-*.com/ ;

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