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 Ada generics / GNAT Heap-sort

I'm trying to instatiate the heap-sort (generic version) that came
with GNAT (3.04A WIN32).  I have created my own(main) procedure that
will sort of act like a driver, created an array type (of ints) and
with'ed gnat.heap_sort_g.  Furhter, after careful examination of
gnat.heap_sort_g.adb and and .ads specification file it appears that I
need to supply the functions Lt (less than) and move (swap).  I am
having trouble figureing out exactly how to do this and have looked up
generics in two different textbooks only to seemingly get shafted on
this.  I am still confused.  The package specification for
gnat.heap_sort_g says something like...
        type whatever is whatever else;
        procedure move(from,to:natural) ;
        procedure lt(ob1,ob2:natural) return boolean;
package gnat.heap_sort_g is
end gnat.heap_sort_g;

(leaving out alot of other stuff), so I am thinking that I must create
these functions LT, and Move exactly according to the specifications
(since its not the the .adb file).  So i created my own lt and move in
my procedure but gnatmake still responds with an error.  Am I doing
something obviously wrong like going at this the wrong way or what?
Can someone please give me a pointer to the right way to instatite
this package?

Thu, 22 Apr 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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