Summer'90 SIGAda Mtg - Prelim Announcement 
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 Summer'90 SIGAda Mtg - Prelim Announcement

[Following is a rough clear-text version of 1-pager submitted
to appear in March-April issue of ACM SIGAda's Ada LETTERS]

                  Preliminary Announcement

                SUMMER'90 ACM SIGAda MEETING
           "Spotlighting SIGAda's Working Groups"

                      20-24 AUGUST 1990

          THE SHERATON AT REDONDO BEACH (California)

             Hosted by Los Angeles ACM SIGAda

This first-of-a-kind SIGAda meeting is oriented around SIGAda's
working groups.   The meeting's major objectives are to:

 o deliver existing finished or trial-use products from the
   working groups to all attendees (software and documents will
   be handed out);

 o introduce SIGAda members who do not participate in any
   working groups to our working group structure, and explain
   opportunities for getting involved in a working group;

 o provide quality meeting facilities for separate working group

SIGAda's working groups have become a major source of SIGAda's
vitality in recent years.  Most of them are product-oriented,
addressing needed technology for insertion of Ada into large,
complex systems.  Many of these products are ready to go  now,
some are under development, and others are just being planned now.  
This is your opportunity to "take delivery" of existing products
or to get involved in the evolution of new ones.    (See front of
Ada LETTERS for the roster of SIGAda working groups.)

General sessions will feature several working groups, up to half a
day each, making presentations on objectives and usage of the
products which they are providing to attendees.  An opening
session will include descriptions of all SIGAda working groups and
procedures for getting involved in them, as well as general
presentation topics outside the working group structure  --  for
example, an update on the Ada 9X process by Christine Anderson,
the government's Ada 9X program manager.  Working group principals
can meet up to four days each in separate meetings, potentially in
parallel with the general sessions, to do the "work"  of the
working groups (and some will welcome new members at this time).

The meeting dates and tentative meeting structure are:

  Aug. 20 (Monday):        Tutorials (organized by Los Angeles SIGAda)
  Aug. 21 (Tuesday AM):    Opening session (introductions, general topics)
  Aug. 21-23 (Tues-Thurs): Several working groups present and deliver
                                 in plenary sessions
  Aug. 23 (Thurs PM):      Adjournment of general meeting
  Aug. 20-24 :             Available for working group meetings

The detailed agenda & registration information will be published in the
May-June & July-August issues of Ada LETTERS.

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              Treasurer/Local Arrangements/Registration

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