Request for info, Ada compilers for msdos or windows 
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 Request for info, Ada compilers for msdos or windows

My brother (now sans Internet access) has asked me to post a request for  
any information concerning a PC-based (msdos) Ada compiler.

Egghead has quoted one at $3600 ("well, we sold one once..."), but he  
considers that to be just a mite steep for a recent college graduate.

He has also requested information on a windows-based compiler published by  
Meridian, a Verdix company.

What we are looking for is manufacturer, address and phone number for any  
Ada packages out there that we might have missed.  Comments and price  
quotes would also be appreciated, but are not necessary.  Positive or  
negative reviews of the Meridian compiler would also be appreciated.

As I do not read this group regularly, please direct all responses to me  
rather than posting them.

- mark

Sun, 02 Jul 1995 06:25:29 GMT  
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