ANNOUNCE: Visual Ada Developer (VAD) version 5.0 Leonid Dulman 
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 ANNOUNCE: Visual Ada Developer (VAD) version 5.0 Leonid Dulman

   V I S U A L       A D A      D E V E L O P E R  (VAD) version 5.0
   is now available.

    VAD ( Visual Ada Developer ) is a tcl/tk oriented Ada-95 GUI builder
which portable to difference platforms, such as Windows
Mac  and OS/2.

  What's new

 1. IDL to Ada Translator (Editors and Parsers menu) by Scott R Bennet
 2. Demo (VAD Demo menu)
 3. ASED (IDE for tcl/tk) by Andreas Sievers
 4. Whiteboard (Image menu) Image and Media viewer by Mats Bangtsson

 VAD 5.0 has three realization  for tcl/tk 8.0.x,for tcl/tk 8.2.3
     and for tcl/tk 8.3.1 (last version).

   This is a version 5.0  and I hope it will be useful for Ada
 and easy in work.
   This is an effective way to build gui oriented system independent
applications  in pure ADA-95.

    VAD 5.0 supports many of image formats such as

BMP, XBM, XPM, GIF (with transparency), PNG, JPEG, TIFF and
postscript.  I use Img1.2 package

 1. Base  TCL/TK widgets

 toplevel frame button radiobutton checkbutton menubutton label entry
 listbox canvas message menu item scrollbox scale text

 2. BWidgets

Button Label Entry ListBox
ArrowButton ProgressBar MainFrame LabelFrame LabelEntry TitleFrame
Dialog ScrolledWindow PanedWindow ButtonBox NoteBook (Page) SpinBox
Tree MessageDlg ProgressDlg ScrollableFrame ScrollView PagesManager

3. Widgets from  Bryan Oakley

combobox mclistBox

4. Direct executable Tcl script


 VAD 5.0 has internal tcl packages support from Packages menu and
 internal text editor (Fve) , HTML editor (August) and XML parser.

 If you have instaled Oratcl 2.5(2.6) package and loaded it, you may
directly work with Oracle server from Oracle menu or DBNavigator.

 I am ready for any form of cooperation and thanks for any help.

 VAD 5.0 is available in http://www.*-*-*.com/

 You may dowload sources,,,,
                 and binaries, (WINDOWS 9x/NT)
                    , (OpenLinux
2.x,RedHat 6.x)

Sat, 23 Nov 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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