Are GSA Discounts Really Discounts??? 
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 Are GSA Discounts Really Discounts???

I'm not sure that this is really the best newsgroup to post this to, but it's
my best guess.

Here's the situation. While researching existing CASE tools, I stumbled across
this interesting situation. One of the most reputable vendors on my list is on
the GSA Schedule and offers their product at a "substantially" reduced price.
Actually, they offer a 50% discount only on their base product. The discount
does not apply to any add-on products. I guess that this is not out of the

The catch is that if we buy their product on at the reduced price, then we
must by one license for each user. If we buy at the commercial price, we can
buy one license per seat (which makes much more sense to me and is what we
really need). Assuming that we had 5 seats and 10 users, it would cost us
$7,000 more for the product at the "discounted" GSA price.

Has anyone else run across this problem? Are there other marketing schemes
used by vendors to take advantage of the GSA schedule? Does the government
realize this?

Thanks for your input,


Sun, 15 Jan 1995 00:20:01 GMT  
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