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 Pb : Linux + GNAT + X + Threads

Hi everyone,

I have a program that runs fine on DEC UNIX with GNAT 3.13, Motif and that
is multi-threaded.
I am tying to get this same program to run under Redhat linux 6.2 with the
same version of Gnat and IST Motif.
Unfortunately, I have the following problem for which I would appreciate any
sort of help :

The program seams to run OK, but after a few seconds, it freezez and becomes
very very slow...
I have managed to isolate the problem to the fact that I link my program
with the libgthreads.a library.
Even if I don't use the library, i.e. the simple fact of linking my program
with it causes the freezing problem.

I have read here and there that it is possible to patch xfree to possibly
solve the problem, but I don't have much information.
I would therefore be very grateful for any help you can offer.



Sat, 29 Mar 2003 03:00:00 GMT  
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