Ada for MIL-STD-1750A 
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 Ada for MIL-STD-1750A

I am interested in Ada compilers for the MIL-STD-1750A computer. The host will
be a VAX.  Any information concerning the application performance along with
any software development tools available would be greatly appreciated.  Any
comparisons that have been performed among the existing compilers would also be
of great help.  I am also interested in linkers for the 1750A with respect to
using Ada and other languages.

Thank You,

Mike Jusczak
Naval Air Development Center
Warminster Pa. 18974-5000

Tue, 17 Nov 1992 08:41:00 GMT  
 Ada for MIL-STD-1750A

You can obtain the most recent listing of validated compilers by using
ANONYMOUS FTP and getting the file ps:<ada-info>val-comp.hlp from
ADA20.ISI.EDU (, I think).  I believe this file is updated
monthly.  There are a number of other files in that directory that you may
find of interest.  Start by getting the file files.hlp, which describes the
various files in the directory.

For updates of validated compilers since the posted listing, contact the Ada
Information Clearinghouse at 703-685-1477.

Much of this information is also maintained on the Ada IC's bulletin board
system, particularly maintained for those folks who might not have DDN
access.  I don't happen to have the reference handy for that, but it should
be available either in the ps:<ada-info> directory, or from the Ada IC

-- Karl --

uucp:   {decuac, seismo}!grebyn!karl

Tue, 17 Nov 1992 12:21:00 GMT  
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