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 GNAT Support Costs

> Well, if I remember right Borland came into trouble because
> Ashton-Tate was to big of a hunk to swallow. As you stated
right Turbo
> Pascal was a great sucess (I loved it!) and this proofes that
it can
> be done.

It is a proof that it can be done once! Note that Borland lost
a lot of money trying to replicate this success with Turbo-C
and Turbo-Prolog, but the market was not there. Turbo-Prolog
is in fact a rather good model I think to look closely at.

There were many special circumstances at work for Turbo-Pascal,
not the least of which was that all universities in the US, and
hence many high schools, were teaching Pascal. The situation is
not nearly so monolithic now, and besides there are many
possible alternatives.

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