Looking for port of C2Ada to Wintel platforms or help porting 
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 Looking for port of C2Ada to Wintel platforms or help porting

Has anyone ported Intermetric's C2Ada binding tool to Wintel platforms.
I tried and ran into several C units or libraries that were missing or
incompatible with the versions provided with the GNU or GNAT
distributions for Wintel (see my original message below).  I gather from
some earlier messages that these units may have been specific to their
[Solaris?] platform.

While I don't often need to use such a tool and can work-around it (with
help from local C experts) by manually generating the Ada binding, it
would be nice to have available for when the need arises.  I would think
such a tool would be a good contribution to the Ada community.

If no one has ported the tool to Wintel platforms, I'm willing to work
part time on it provided I can others to collaborate with.  If you're
interested, please let me know.

I have Window 95 systems with ObjectAda and GNAT.  Perhaps someone would
like to work with Windows NT or other Wintel Ada compilers.

Rush Kester
Software System Engineer
AdaSoft at Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab.
voice: (240) 228-3030 (M-F 9am to 5pm EST)

Tue, 27 Feb 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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