Height-balanced tree, source code wanted. 
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 Height-balanced tree, source code wanted.

Dear Folks,

I need source code for an Ada package that manages height-balanced
trees.  Height-balanced trees are known by other names in the
literature.  AVL-trees and 2-3 trees are two of the more common

The minimum functionality must be: insert an item, delete an item, and
query for item existence in the tree.  If you have a package that
provides this capability and are willing to share the source code
please email me a note (or the code for that matter).  The package need
not be generic (I can rework the package to suit my needs).

Pascal source code would also be acceptable as is C, but I really
need Ada.


                                        Dave Gawron

Sat, 05 Dec 1992 22:37:47 GMT  
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