TRI-Ada '93 Advance Program Corrections 
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 TRI-Ada '93 Advance Program Corrections

This mesage contains only the updates to the previously published TRI-Ada '93 Advance Program.

Changes to the electronic TRI-Ada '93 Advance Program

1. The correct speakers for the "Ada and Software Engineering in
Academia" panel are Mike Feldman, Jaime Nino, and Charles McKay.

2. The correct title of the Tuesday 8:30 Panel is "ASIS: Tools with the
View or Exposing Ada."

3. The correct descriptions for Judy Bamberger's tutorials are:

Process Management and the Capability Maturity Model (CMM) for Software

This hands-on, interactive tutorial introduces the process management
concepts on which the CMM is based, discusses the benefits of process
management, presents the five-level maturity model.  The concepts behind
key portions of the Repeatable and Defined Levels are used in the
several exercises throughout this tutorial

Components of an Effective Process Improvement Program

Process improvement is messy; it takes time; it takes patience; it takes
creativity and perseverance.  And guess what - there is no one right
way!  This tutorial introduces several skills and concepts that have
proven  effective, and provides time for individuals and teams to
discuss and  practice them.  A short section on action planning will be
included, so feel free to bring your own organization's issues with you.

4. Way Ting's new title is Vice President, Visual Magic Division,
Silicon Graphics, Inc.

5. The conference Registration Form is included later in this message.

6. There is an opportunity for qualified full-time educators to receive
grants to attend the tutorials.  Information on this program is included
after the registration form.

7. The proper acronym for the Standards for Ada Software Working Group
is SDSAWG.  Lewis Gray is a panelist and the chair of the SDAWWG
panel.  Perry DeWeese's proper title is CODSIA Case. {The four major
stakeholders in Mil-Std SDD are (1) government organizations that
commissioned the new standard, (2) the industry contractor that will
develop the new standard, (3) industry trade associations and their
members, and (4) Ada software developers and their managers.  Lewis
Gray is the Chair of the SIGAda SDSWG.

The conference registration form:

----- cut here -----
Full Name: _________________________________________________________
Title: ______________________________________________________________
Organization or Affiliation: ___________________________________________
Department or Mail Stop: ______________________________________________
Address: ____________________________________________________________
City: ______________________________________ State/Province: ___________
Zip/Postal Code: ________________________ Country: _____________________
Telephone: _________________________ ACM SIGAda Member No.: _________

Rate Schedule:
                    ACM/SIGAda        Non-Member        Full-Time
                    Member                              Student
                    Before After Amt  Before After Amt  Before After Amt
                    Aug 17 Aug 17     Aug 17 Aug 17     Aug 17 Aug 17
1. Tutorials-2 days $365   $495 $___  $455   $585 $___  $200   $200 $___

2. Tutorials-1 day  $225   $300 $___  $275   $350 $___  $150   $150 $___

3. Conference only* $305   $380 $___  $355   $440 $___  $195   $195 $___

4. Conference only
(any 1 day)**       $195   $195 $___  $195   $195 $___  $195   $195 $___
Mon ____ Tue ____
Wed ____ Thu ____

5. Add'l copies of
conference proceedings
(available on site) $ 50   $ 50 $___  $ 50   $ 50 $___  $ 50   $ 50 $___
Quantity ____

6. Special Executive
Session Enterprise-Wide
Software Mgt.       $ 20   $ 20 $___  $ 20   $ 20 $___  $ 20   $ 20 $___
with paid full conf. reg.
Special Executive
Session only***     $ 99   $ 99 $___  $ 99   $ 99 $___  $ 99   $ 99 $___

7. Spirit of Puget
Sound Dinner and
Harbor Cruise       $ 35   $ 35 $___  $ 35   $ 35 $___  $ 35   $ 35 $___
Quantity ____

8. Exposition only  $ 20   $ 20 $___  $ 20   $ 20 $___  $ 20   $ 20 $___

Total Amount
Enclosed                      $_____            $_____            $_____

* Includes one copy of conference proceedings, entry to exposition, and
one pass to Museum of Flight party.
** Includes one copy of conference proceedings and entry to exposition.
*** Includes one copy of conference proceedings, Sunday night welcoming
reception, Monday entry to exposition and keynote session.

Payment options
Please return this form with full payment or a copy of your PO or it
CANNOT be processed.  Mail or fax your registration form with credit
card payment.  Fees are payable to TRI-Ada '93 by check, American
Express, Diners Club, Visa, or MasterCard.  (Please note that POs
received and not paid by early registration deadline do not qualify for
early registration discount.)
O MasterCard
O Visa
O American Express
O Diners Club
O Government PO (please attach)
Print name of card holder: _____________________________________________
Signature: _____________________________________________________________
Card Number: ___________________________________________________________
Expiration Date: _______________________________________________________

Please make all checks payable to TRI-Ada '93 and mail to:
TRI-Ada '93
Danieli & O'Keefe Associates, Inc.
Conference Management
Chiswick Park
490 Boston Post Road
Sudbury, MA 01776 USA

Fax: +1-508-443-4715
Voice: +1-800-833-7751 (USA and Canada only)
or +1-508-443-3330

Cancellation Policy: Confirmed registrants who can not attend, and do
not send a substitute are entitled to a refund of paid fees if a request
is received in writing on or before August 30, 1993.  Registrants are
liable for their full fees after that date.  All TRI-Ada '93 attendees
registered before August 17, 1993 will receive confirmation and
registration materials by mail.

Affiliations (Check all that apply)
O Academia
O Government
O Full Time Student
O Industry

Tutorials (Please check one)

Two Full Days
O S11. Introductory and Intermediate Ada for Programmers
O S12. Advanced Ada Issues
O S13. Teaching and Using Ada in CS1/CS2

Full Days (Please Check Two if you are not attending a Two-Day Tutorial)
O S1A. Ada 9X as a Second Ada (Sat)
O S1B. Ada 9X as a Second Ada (Sun)
O S3. Object-Oriented Programming Using Ada 9X (Sun)
O S8. Safety Annex (Sun)
O S10. Intelligent Real-Time Systems and Ada 9X (Sat)
O S14. POSIX Ada Binding (Sun)
O S7. Software Component Engineering Using Ada: Applying Explicit Design
Principles in a Disciplined Way (Sat)
O S18. Tool Techniques (Sat)
O S20. A Software Design Method for Ada-Based Real-Time Systems (Sun)
O S21. Ada Multitasking Prototyping Using Higher-Level Statecharts (Sat)
O S22. Domain Analysis with KAPTUR (Sat)
O S23. Designing Systems and Software Architecture (Sun)
O S24. An Introduction to Software System Safety (Sat)
O S25. Introduction to C++ for Ada Programmers (Sun)
O S26. Managing Object-Oriented Software Development Projects (Sun)
O S27. Introducing Software Reuse (Sun)
O S28. Introduction to Function Point Counting and Project Estimating
Using Function Points (Sat)
O S29. Process Management and the Capability Maturity Model (CMM) for
Software (Sat)
O S30. Components of an Effective Process Improvement Program (Sun)

Half-Days (Please check up to four depending on the other tutorials you
are attending)
O S2. Object-Oriented Programming and Reuse in Ada 9X (Sat PM)
O S4. Using Ada 9X Tasking Features to Construct Real-Time Systems (Sat
O S5. Ada 9X Distributed Systems Annex (Sat PM)
O S6. Information Systems Support in Ada 9X (Sun PM)
O S7. Numeric Features of Ada 9X (Sun AM)
O S9. Managing the transition to Ada 9X (Sun PM)
O S15. An Introduction to SAMeDL and the SAME Methodology (Sun PM)
O S16. Introduction to Ada Semantic Interface Specification (Sun AM)
O S19. DoD Re-Engineering (Sun PM)

1. Your Affiliation
Please Check Appropriate Boxes
   O DoD
   O Other Government Agency specify: _________________________
   O Government Contractor
Industry/Commercial (Check only one)
   O Hardware Manufacturer
   O Software Development
   O Reseller/VAR
   O Systems Integrator
   O Aerospace/Aviation
   O OEM
   O Financial/Banking
   O Training/Consulting Firm
   O Communications
   O SGE
   O Utilities
   O Other Specify __________________________
   O College/University
   O Independent Consultant
   O Press
   O Research Institute
   O Other Specify _________________________

2. Your Organization (Check only one)
O International
O National
O Regional
O Local

3. How many employees are in your organization world-wide? (Check only
O 1-100
O 101-200
O 201-500
O 501-1000
O 1001-5000
O 5001+

4. What type of software does your organization produce? (Check all that
O PC Software
O Real-time/embedded systems
O Command & Control
O Research/Prototypes
O Educational/Instructional
O Large Scale Applications
O Distributed Systems
O Workstation Software
O Communications/networks
O Other specify _________________________
O None

5. Please check the title that is closest to the one you hold within
your organization
O President/Owner/Partner
O Vice President, General Manager
O Director/Area or Regional Manager
O Programmer/Analyst
O System Administrator
O MIS Manager
O Configuration Management
O Senior Software Engineer
O Software Engineer
O Systems Engineer
O Technical Specialist
O Independent Consultant
O Sales/Marketing
O Researcher
O Professor/Instructor/Educator
O Student
O Press
O Other Specify ________________________

6. What is your level of purchasing influence?
   O Approve
   O Recommend
   O Not Applicable
   O Approve
   O Recommend
   O Not Applicable
   O Approve
   O Recommend
   O Not Applicable
   O Approve
   O Recommend
   O Not Applicable
7. Please indicate your organization's annual purchasing budget
O $0-$100,000
O $100,001-$500,000
O $500,001-$1,000,000
O $1,000,001-$5,000,000
O $5,000,000+

Conference Sessions
Please list the code number of the session you plan to attend in each
time slot.  This information is used for room planning purposes only and
is non-binding.
   2:00PM _________
   4:30PM _________
   8:30AM _________
   2:00PM _________
   4:30PM _________
   8:30AM _________
   2:00PM _________
   4:30PM _________
   10:30AM ________

Do you have any special needs? Please specify

The conference attendee list may be made available to outside
organizations.  Check the following if you wish to restrict the use of
your name for computer-related mailings.
O Any Mailing List (Default)
O ACM Society Announcements Only (including all SIGs)
O No Mailing Lists

The full-time educator grant program:

----- cut here -----

Michael B. Feldman                              Richard E. Pattis
Department of Electrical Engineering            Department of Computer
  and Computer Science                            and Engineering
The George Washington University                University of Washington
Washington, DC 20052                            Seattle, WA  98195
(202) 994-5253                                  (206) 685-1218

Dear Academic Educator:

  Thank you for your interest in the 1993 TRI-Ada Conference Grants for
Educators, sponsored by the Education Committee of ACM SIGAda. This  
document describes this grant program and tells how to apply for a

  If you have any questions, please feel free to call on us. Above all,
thank you for your interest in and contributions to Ada in college and
university education.


                                                Richard E. Pattis
                                                Michael B. Feldman

                 TRI-Ada 93 Conference Grants for Educators
                 sponsored by ACM SIGAda Education Committee

Program Goals:

  The Conference Grants program is intended to help educators introduce,
strengthen, and expand the use of Ada in secondary school, college and
university curricula. We welcome a proposal from anyone who feels that
his or her goals meet this description. The 1993 program will award
approximately 10 of these grants.

Grant Benefits:

(1) Full registration for the technical sessions at TRI-Ada '93, in
Seattle, Washington, Sept. 18-23. (includes a copy of the conference

(2) Registration costs for 2 days of tutorials or workshops at TRI-Ada
'93, September 18-19 (Saturday and Sunday). A copy of the course titles
to be presented at TRI-Ada is included in this packet. You may choose to
attend any course(s) that will help you achieve your goals.

How to Propose:

In order to be considered for a grant, you must prepare a formal
proposal and send it, by regular mail or e-mail postmarked by August 27,
1993, to both

Michael B. Feldman                        Richard E. Pattis
Department of Electrical Engineering      Department of Computer Science
  and Computer Science                      and Engineering
The George Washington University          University of Washington
Washington, DC 20052                      Seattle, WA  98195
(202) 994-5253                            (206) 685-1218

The proposal should contain three specific items:

(1) Cover Letter:  A cover sheet with your name, address, phone number,
and e-mail address (if available). It should be stated that you would  
not be able to attend the conference without the support of this grant.

    It would be useful to obtain a statement from the appropriate
    department chair or dean, to the effect that he/she has read and
    supports the your statements, including assurance that the necessary
    travel funds will be made available to you if the grant is awarded.

(2) Proposer's Statement (3 pages maximum): A statement of the
proposer's background, environment, and plans.

    -- Environment : The current curriculum in your institution.

    -- Plans       : What you plan to do with Ada in the curriculum
                     and how these plans relate to the current
                     in his or her school.

    -- Background  : The relevant experience that you bring to the

(3) Course Selection: State which TRI-Ada tutorial(s) or workshop(s) you  
would like to attend, and if it is not obvious, the relevance of these
courses to the plans above.

Evaluating Proposals:

All proposals will be evaluated by educators who teach and use Ada in
their curricula. Proposals will be evaluated on:

     -- the quality and appropriateness of the plans

     -- the appropriateness of the TRI-Ada courses to the plans

     -- the preparation of the proposer to do the development

Awards will be announced by Sep 10, 1993. Grantees will be asked to
accept the grant formally and to verify their attendance at that time,
and arrangements will be made for registration following their
acceptance.  All proposers will be notified of the decision on their
proposal, but detailed evaluation information will not be available.

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