Help with Windex instalation 
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 Help with Windex instalation

I'have problems with windex instalation :

( Installation instructions - DOS way )

1)Download as above.

Correct,root directory is : c:/gnat/windex/windex
   in top directory C:/gnat ,I've  gnat ver 3.14p

2) Define WINDEX_DRIVE and WINDEX_DIR at the top of file
No problem,I modify build_dos.bat file,variables :
        set WINDEX_DRIVE=c:
        set WINDEX_DIR=\gnat\windex\windex

From directory Windex/Build, run build_dos.bat. This will build the
library, in directory Windex/Lib/Gnat_Release.

 !!!Perfect, but I get next error with some files :

C:\GNAT\windex\Windex\Lib\Gnat_Release>gnatmake "-c -O3 -gnatn" -
\windex\Source_Common windex-graphics_devices-drawing-turtle.adb
gcc -c -I./ -c -O3 -gnatn -Ic:\gnat\Windex\windex\Source_Common -I-
windex-graphics_devices.adb:449:28: no selector "Handle" for type
defined at
windex-graphics_devices.adb:486:32: no selector "Handle" for type
defined at
windex-graphics_devices.adb:489:32: no selector "Handle" for type
defined at
windex-graphics_devices.adb:509:27: no selector "Handle" for type
defined at
windex-graphics_devices.adb:609:29: no selector "Handle" for type
defined at
windex-graphics_devices.adb:614:29: no selector "Handle" for type
defined at
gnatmake: "c:\gnat\Windex\windex\Source_Common\windex-
graphics_devices.adb" comp
ilation error

???? Why ????

output, generate files Windex/lib/Gnat_Release/.o  & .ali

4)To use the library: add -I%WINDEX_DRIVE%%WINDEX_DIR%\Lib\Gnat_Release to
your INCLUDE list.

I don't Know , if I use Adaguide, it's correct copy all files in /gnat/lib
directory ??? if i use this solution, I get compilation error...
Where I Would copy Windex/lib/Gnat_Release/* to Adaguide use this library
by default as text_io...


Tue, 27 Jul 2004 10:17:34 GMT  
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