INFO-ADA Digest V90 #89 - Ada Coding Conventions 
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 INFO-ADA Digest V90 #89 - Ada Coding Conventions


In these days of modern times, with multiple fonts and high-res bit maps
on your display and printer, underscores are an unnecessary kludge.  Here's
a radical idea: why not separate words with a little bit of blank space?
We could call it a "blank" or a "space" and it would be just great for
showing where one word ends and the next begins.

Ok, we've already got a similar construct, which we use for two different
purposes: to indicate to compilers where tokens begin and end and to indicate
to people where words begin and end.  However, they don't have to be looking
at the same material.  Nobody types raw Ada anymore, or at least they had better
not be doing so by the time of 9X, so the only one who needs to see it as
characters in a row is the person.  If there is really a problem with things
appearing ambigious to him, do something like printing multiple word identifiers
on a light gray background or in a box.  (If you really have to display it on
an old-fashioned device, replace the blanks with underscores.)

Obviously, I'm assuming a good Ada editor in which identifiers are typed as
abbreviations and expanded or by mouse selection from data declarations in
another window.

Bob Munck, Deputy Architect, Unisys STARS

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Wed, 28 Oct 1992 04:50:15 GMT  
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