Using GNAT in Linux kernel modules, was: Re: Free RTOS with support for Ada ? 
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 Using GNAT in Linux kernel modules, was: Re: Free RTOS with support for Ada ?

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>> Does anybody know of a free RTOS with support for programming in Ada ?

>I suppose you could use one of the real-time linuxes in conjunction
>with the GNU Ada compiler (GNAT).

>Anyway, that's the plan for our real-time Ada project.

>Stanley Allen

I had looked at RTlinux, and noted that the implementation was via Linux
kernel modules. I was also aware (from the Ada Linux Programming book from that you need to use a pragma to disable the Ada runtime
when doing Linux kernel modules.

However, this book does not cover kernel programming in any detail and the
GNAT reference manual just refers you to the GNORT documentation, which does
not appear to be publically available, so I had dismissed this as an option.

However, since this option is mentioned above, I wonder if I have missed

Has anybody successfully implemented a Linux/RTlinux kernel module in Ada
using just the public GNAT and freely available documentation and what problems
did you have ?

Thanks for any answers.



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