Possibly Useful Data Point for Ada Costing 
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 Possibly Useful Data Point for Ada Costing

The Ada IC passed on a GCN article titled "1Million Lines
of Ada code delivered for SIDPERS-3". I am currently
covering the subject of software cost estimating in class.
Is there more data available on the software costs for this
The article says:
Statistica, Inc. of Rockville, MD has been developing the system
since winning a $52 million contract in April 1994 and has
delivered one million lines of Ada code for SIDPERS-3 on budget and
on time by reusing code.

How much more code is to be developed/delivered for $52M?
How much code was/is to be reused and how much developed?
How much of the $52M was/is to be software development?

It is not clear to me whether or not the project is done.

Thanks in advance.

Wed, 26 Feb 1997 15:11:00 GMT  
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