record component selector in init 
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 record component selector in init

NOTE: I've only been programming in Ada for a few weeks...

And I was porting somebody else's code under VMS 5.1.  The code had been
written under VMS 4.7 (of course using an earlier compiler).  Some code of the
following form
Varname : Rectype := ((0..63) => false) ;
did not compile.  The compiler said that a compnent selector had to be an
identifier.  (sorry if this doesn't sound exact...I don't have the error
message close at hand)  Well, after some false trials I found a constant that
had been defined as I needed.... [FYI this was the record PRV_TYPE in
starlet].  Could anybody tell me why this code compiled under 4.7 and didn't
compile under 5.1?  Is that a bug in the new compiler or was it a bug in the
old compiler that got fixed?  Thankx for any information!


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Wed, 17 Feb 1993 02:20:00 GMT  
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