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 Tarski questions

Thanks to all people who showed interest in TARSKI. I am answering the
most frequent questions about the system here.

1) About papers available describing the system, there is only one to
appear in FGCS-92 (draft available by ftp). The name of the system has
been quite unstable, its first release was called GIM (for General
Inference Machine). It is the grandson of MOLOG. I have added
in the anonymous ftp a short bibliography of tarski-related papers:

2) There is no C version. There is only ADA source for the moment. We
are sorry about it and plan to port the system to C as soon as
possible. We need to do it however to test it on a multi-processors

3) There are now binaries versions available for VAX/VMS, SUN4 and
HP-PA nmachines (HP-700 and HP-800 series). See the README at the end
of this message to get them.

4) For people in the ADA world : the system is not distributed with
PARADISE, because you do not need it to compile and run even the
parallel system. It is not necessary to retrieve PARADISE to have
TARSKI running. Communications have been implemented at a much lower
level than in PARADISE.

I know that there has been quite a large number of people who have
retrieved the system according to our ftp and mail server log. I would
very much like that they send me a mail if they intend to use it. This
way, I will be able to send them directly bugs corrections and new
implementations (I have a beta release with fuzzy logic for example).
If there is enough traffic, I'll try to maintain a mailing list of

Thanks again

---------------- README file ---------------------------------------
Tarski is available for anonymous FTP on gogol.cenatls.cena.dgac.fr
( in pub/export/tarski.tar.Z

Tarski is a meta-system to develop and use PROLOG extensions to
non-classical logics. A paper describing
the system is available by anonymous ftp on gogol.cenatls.cena.dgac.fr
( in pub/export/fgcs92.ps.Z. It will appear in the Fifth
Generation Conference Proceedings (June 1992).

There are also three binaries distribution available in our ftp :
- pub/export/tarski.exe : the VAX/VMS version of the sequential machine
- pub/export/tarski.sun4.tar.Z : client and master executables for sun4  
- pub/export/tarski.hppa.tar.Z : client and master executables for
HP-Precision architecture (HP-700/HP-800).
We are on the way to the SONY port.

There is also now a short bibliography of papers related to TARSKI
in tarski.biblio.

The system is written in ADA. Epistemic logic
is implemented (classical logic also, of course.). There are some
examples in the EXAMPLES directory (the "wise men" puzzle, and some
classical PROLOG benchmarks).

There are two versions of the machine: a "classical" version and a
parallel version.

The classical one can be compiled using script make.vads (for VERDIX
compilers) or make.com on VAX/VMS. If you have an other compiler, you
must modify that script. The classical machine has been successfully
compiled on:
- SUN3/SUN4 workstations with ALSYS and VERDIX compilers
- HP-720/730 workstations with ALSYS compiler
- VAX/VMS with DEC-ADA compilers
It should work on any system with any ADA compiler: it is full ADA
with no system dependency.

The parallel machine can be compiled with script makep.vads (for VERDIX
compilers). You have to modify that script and probably the commp_b.a
file also (PRAGMA INTERFACE declarations). You need BSD sockets to
use the parallel version. It has been successfully compiled on:
- SUN3/SUN4 workstations with ALSYS and VERDIX compilers
- HP-720/730 workstations with ALSYS compiler

We are interested in all bugs report, port to other systems.
If you have any problems, feel free to ask...

Jean-Marc Alliot

mail address:

Note: You can also get the system using our mail server. Send a message

send-me pub/export/tarski.tar.Z
to get the sources system.
(You can also get fgcs92.ps.Z and the binaries distribution with the mail

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