Ada Announcement at Embedded Systems Conf. 
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 Ada Announcement at Embedded Systems Conf.

Greg, in response to your post to comp.lang.ada dated August 30, I would
like to update you on an announcement that will be made at the Embedded
Systems Conference (October 5-8 at the Santa Clara Convention Center).

Since your post indicated there "is some Ada representation there, once
again it is not very impressive or very consistent," this update might be
interesting to you and the other newsgroup members:

Eyring Corporation's Systems Software Division, which develops the PDOS
real-time operating system, will announce the release of a fully integrated
version of the PDOS/Alsys Ada Board Support Package (BSP) that eliminates
custom ports for M680X0 applications.

Based on the Alysis Ada 5.5.3 compiler, PDOS Alsys/Ada is instantly ported
to any M680X0 running VMEPROM.  As a result, this eliminates the need for a
custom port, dramatically reducing development time.  

With the new PDOS tasking model, each Ada task is a separate PDOS task,
allowing Ada tasks to suspend independently.  They may also be set to
different priorities and compete for system resources the same as other PDOS

The ability to download applications from the host to the target CPU via
ethernet is a critical feature of the PDOS/Alsys Ada BSP.  Ethernet
drastically reduces the time required to download an application to the
target CPU.  For example, a simple 'Hello World' program written in Ada
takes several minutes to download from the host to the target via serial
cable.  However, with ethernet it takes less than one second.  From
power-on, a multi-tasking application may be downloaded and initiated
completely through a host FTP script.

Other features include a socket interface library, flat- or
hierarchical-file system support, SCSI drivers, MS-DOS disk support, remote
startup, AdaProbe debugging support, and 68040 floating point support.  

In addition to extending ethernet support to the development and execution
of an Ada application, the PDOS/Alsys Ada BSP also increases the portability
of your
application to any 680x0 CPU board supported by PDOS.  Since Eyring's PDOS
has already been ported to numerous 680x0 CPU boards, Ada applications using
the PDOS BSP instantly become portable to all 680x0 CPU boards supporting
Developers no longer have to write their own BSPs for CPU boards which are
not already supported by Alsys Ada.

We invite you to stop by the Eyring booth #634 and speak with Fred
Neidermyer, or telephone Eyring at 801-375-2434 or fax your request to



Tue, 19 Mar 1996 15:57:33 GMT  
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