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 online Ada Language Reference Manual

> Date: 11 Dec 1986 2325-EST (Thursday)

> Subject: Re: Ada Language Reference Manual

> Sorry, but I just transfered chapter 1 of the supposed "ANSI" Ada reference
> manual, and was surprised by:

(presumably from the simtel repository)


> >The following document is a draft  of  the  corresponding  chapter  of  the
> >version  of  the  Ada  Reference  Manual  produced  in response to the Ansi
> >Canvass.  It is given a limited circulation  to  Ada  implementers  and  to
> >other groups contributing comments (according to the conventions defined in
> >RRM.comments).  This draft should not be referred to in any publication.

> >                      ANSI-RM-01.v23 - Draft Chapter

> >                              1  Introduction
> >                                version 23

> >                                 83-02-11

> >This version has addressed comments up to #5795

> Doesn't look like this is the "ANSI" Ada LRM after all.
> I wish we had a copy of the ANSI LRM!!!

>                            regards,
>                            joe


You should get the copy from ada20.  It is kept much more up to date.  I'm
not sure that it's the "ANSI" Ada LRM, but it certainly isn't the draft.
You can check its status by calling the Ada Information Clearinghouse

For those of you who can't get the files via anonymous ftp (I don't believe
that ada20 has an archive server running), contact the Ada IC for
information about tape distribution.

-- Karl --

Wed, 19 May 1993 08:23:00 GMT  
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