In need of firm doing commercial Ada development 
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 In need of firm doing commercial Ada development

I'm looking for a development firm that is porting an existing system to run
in Ada on a new or the previous platform for a COMMERCIAL customer.  The
porting may also include some new functionality, preferably less than 25%.

I would like to ask you several questions about the nature of the contract,
staffing, size of the job in function points or sloc, and your relationship
with your customer.  Your responses will be kept confidential and the
interference should be very brief.  The exchange of information should consist
of a few minutes on the phone (I'll call at your convenience) and perhaps a
fax exchange for a non-disclosure agreement or project information (your

This request is part of my disseration research at Carnegie Mellon University.
My topic is a comparison of commercial and government procurement practices
using real, comparable cases.  I presently have a government case, though
others would be appreciated.

Thank you,

joe besselman

Tue, 14 Oct 1997 03:00:00 GMT  
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